What is lanolin?

Why use lanolin cream? This natural cream has benefits that your skin can’t do without. Lanolin is also known as wool fat or wool grease that is derived from the sebaceous gland of sheep’s wool. Lanolin is a fatty substance that is only found on animals that grow wool, such as sheep. Pure lanolin is a powerful moisturizer that can promote the smoothness and translucency associated with healthy, youthful skin. It is naturally occurring oil that is similar to the natural substances found in human skin. Lanolin is highly used in commercial products, but it has an auspicious beginning. For this writing, we will not get into the industrial uses but rather the uses of lanolin cream for skin care.

Lanolin cream is rich in fatty acids for free radical protection and non greasy hydration. Lanolin is another name meant for wool fat or wool grease that is derived from domestic sheep. Its naturally occurring lanolin is similar to the natural substances found in human skin. When Lanolin is combined with vitamin-e or other ingredients, it helps it to be absorbed by the skin deeper at the cellular level. Also, known as fatty alcohols, they help skin care formulations to act as efficient skin care products. Lanolin is listed as an ingredient in many emollient creams, moisturizers, hair care products, lip balms, soaps, etc.

Lanolin cream functions as a moisturizer for our skin and is commonly used to heal many skin conditions. Women experiencing nipple pain from dry or cracked nipples apply lanolin cream directly after breast feeding to heal the nipples. Lanolin cream is the right cure for cracked nipples. Many eczema sufferers find lanolin to be an effective treatment to help relieve itchiness and dryness on the skin without irritation. Lanolin is a natural defense against ravages of climate and environment. Lanolin cream helps store and maintains skin’s moisture balance. Research has documented ingredients such as pro retinol, lanolin, tocopheryl acetate and emu oil to effective anti aging skin solutions. Lanolin enriched lotion works at the cellular level of the skin.  This helps alleviate foot corn and other hardened skin patches by softening the skin. Lanolin cream is from sheep’s wool derivative, it is hypoallergenic and harmless. Historically, lanolin has been the choice for dry skin and aging skin. Lanolin cream works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin to trap moisture loss from the skin. This gives your skin the translucent texture and hydrated look and feel. Lanolin is such a powerful moisturizer that it is used for industrial use.  Such use includes protecting your car paint for many years, or protecting the vehicles interior from spills and stains.  Now imagine applying this super moisturizer on your skin and what it can do for you.

Lanolin cream has been present for many years and is a popular moisturizer due to the protection and hydration it offers the skin. Lanolin products received poor press coverage due to countries using lanolin from sheep wool loaded with pesticides.  It is noteworthy that you find a lanolin product that is made from pesticide free farming.  We highly recommend lanolin products made in countries such as Australia and New Zealand that have strict guidelines and are renowned for their pesticide free lanolin products. Australian creams is one of the renowned producers of lanolin skin cream in Australia. This is a uniquely blended formula with vitamin E to deliver maximum results.

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